Con Man Cory and Immigration Reform

Supporters of Cory Gardner ran ads in 2014 featuring Sen. Marco Rubio, a supporter of comprehensive immigration reform. But the truth is, Cory Gardner helped kill Sen. Rubio’s bipartisan immigration reform bill.

In an April sit-down interview with The Tribune, Gardner said the Senate proposal was a good start and something needed to be done to fix the system.

“I think everybody agrees that there needs to be immigration reform, but just the detailed part of it is where there’s a big split,” Gardner said back in April. “Trying to provide an educational role in this debate is going to be absolutely critical. We can’t have a rifle approach to immigration, because if you don’t fix all of it together, it’s going to create some problem somewhere else in the system.”

In 2013, the U.S. Senate passed the Border Security, Economic Opportunity & Immigration Modernization Act of 2013. 

This was a comprehensive immigration reform bill to address longstanding problems of border security, enforcement of immigration laws both at the border and within the United States, updates and fixes for immigration visa requirements and regional programs, and a solution for the millions of undocumented immigrants already in the United States. This legislation passed on a bipartisan 68-32 vote in the U.S. Senate.

When the The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act reached Cory Gardner’s Republican-controlled House, all of that bipartisan work proved for nothing.

The worst part? Just a few months before helping kill comprehensive immigration reform, Gardner agreed it was necessary. In April of 2013, Gardner told the media that “there needs to be immigration reform,” and that Congress must “fix all of it together.”

Between April of 2013 and October of 2013, Cory Gardner turned his back on immigration reform.

In June of 2014, Gardner’s close friend and mentor Majority Leader Eric Cantor was defeated in his primary re-election bid by a far-right opponent after bragging about helping block immigration reform in the House. Blocking immigration reform couldn’t save Cantor’s political skin. Just like Eric Cantor, Cory Gardner pandered to the extreme right on immigration when it suited him, and then flip-flopped when the Tea Party was no longer politically helpful.

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Colorado Pols, Wednesday May 7th, 2014
There’s a backstory between Rep. Cory Gardner and Sen. Marco Rubio on immigration that ought to be told. Rubio was a key Republican voice, a member of the so-called “Gang of Eight” including Colorado Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet, in the passage in the U.S. Senate last summer of the Border Security, Economic Opportunity & Immigration Modernization Act of 2013–a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

Remember what happened to that bill when it reached the U.S. House?

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ProgressNow Colorado, June 10th, 2014
“But the real lesson tonight is this,” said Runyon-Harms. “Blocking immigration reform, shutting down the government, and denying women basic health care not only hurts people, it won’t save your political skin. Just like Eric Cantor, Mike Coffman and Cory Gardner have both pandered to the extreme right when it suited them, and then flip-flopped when the Tea Party was no longer politically helpful.”

“The end result,” said Runyon-Harms, “is that neither left nor right can trust Cantor, Coffman, or Gardner. Next January, all three of them may well be looking for work.”

Con Man Cory can’t be trusted to reform the nation’s broken immigration system.